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The PepiBand | Six Grills In Six Days 2015

Recorded with Jorge Blengino at BTG (Born To Grill, Monte Renna, Siracusa) in March 14. 
Additional recordings at Aldo’s Basement (Floridia) in July 14 & November 14
Mixed by Jorge Blengino and The PepiBand at Indigeno Studio (Ragusa) in January 15
Mastered by Tommy Bianchi at White Sound Mastering (Scandicci)

Artwork by Stereodischi/Dueterzi Graphic design
Produced by The PepiBand and Altipiani, Edwood Records, Stereodischi,
Pied De Biche, Arsonica.
Distribuited by Audioglobe and Believe Digital.

Released on 16 October 2015



The PepiBand | RePanic (Panic remixes by friends)

RePanic is a different version of Panic made by friends: De Marion, June Kills, Vanny Zero, William Wilson, Pola, Sebastiano Forte, Carmelo Amenta, Let, La Chanson De Roland, Froben/Posh

Click here for free download.


The PepiBand | Panic 2010

Arranged & Performed by The PepiBand: Sandro Formica Bass, Enzo Pepi Guitar Left, Marco Caruso Drums, Giuseppe Forte Guitar Right & Vocals. Cristina Chimirri Vocals on Bipede and Andrea. Lyrics by Giuseppe Forte except Helen Lyrics by William Wilson. Produced by The PepiBand and Jorge Blengino. Recorded at Indigeno Studio by Jorge Blengino on September 27 & October 24 2009. Mixed and Mastered at Indigeno Studio (Ragusa, Sicily).

Click here for free download.


The PepiBand | EP 2005

Drums recording session at ZenArcade with Tazio Iacobacci.
Guitars, Bass and samples recording sessions at Aldo's Music Room.
Mixed at Aldo's Music Room on September 2005.
Mastered by Tazio Iacobacci (Pola - Tellaro - Feldmann)

Click here for free download